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I am the only one who does this orr…

you dont even feel it happen

its a sneak attack i swear

and then you randomly find dry blood blobs on your legs


Fake Pockets: A How To

Time’s up!


[INFO] Many fansites of f(x) are also helping after the ferry accident sending relief supplies. 

They have sent 200 blankets, 600 pairs of socks, paper cups, green tea, toilet paper, 120 hotpacks, among many other things, for passengers and research crew, under the name of f (x). 

Fansites as: Piece of Gold, Soojunga, Sulleim0329, AmberWa, Sulli94, Lunarian, are major donors.


This is so <3, really thanks too all the staff member and donors



I dont understand how can people said sulli is rude when she helped those who donated their blood, she bought ice creams for all the ttby crews, she gave her 14k endorsement ring to her fan just bc the fan said its pretty and she’s willing to pay back for the ring, she donated all her rice wreaths to the unfortunate, and she’s the only one in the group who seem to still keep in touch with sm ex trainees. Some people need to stop bragging about her being rude just bc they heard it from others. (anon)



[HD Photo] ‘One Step Closer… Just That Much’ Small Scale Concert Poster (1474 x 2098)

cr: 봉첼로티


Beer Vote 2014 기호 2번 드라이 d 정준영 지지영


Male Idols cross-dress (Daesung beats them all)

Daesung deserves an oscar for that performance

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